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Our offer

Open training

The open training provides a specific knowledge and is usually specific-subject-oriented. The participant of such training not only receives extensive and well-developed materials (we pay special attention to them) to be used also after the training, but can also share experiences.

The open training is attended by representatives of diverse companies and lines of business, and this assures interesting discussions.

If you wish to participate in a specific training, please use the contact form. The forms are available by each subject.

Closed training

A strong point of closed training is possibility of working on specific examples dedicated not only to the company in which the training is conducted by also a specific group (although they come from the same company, training related to solving problems for production group differs from the training for administration group).

We are in possession of our own special instruments intended to identify needs of the training group and its pre-training competences. Based on such information, we can prepare an agenda of the training which corresponds to actual needs of the employees.

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  • Implementation

    We carry out implementation projects in the range of broad quality management and process optimization. 

    We start projects with the “zero” audit to receive information about the differences between the existing and target state. Based on this information, we develop a project schedule. Each project is different – not only in terms of goals but also in terms of specificity of the organization and its environment.  

    Examples of our project topics: 

    – IATF 16949 – implementation of a quality management system 

    – FMEA analysis – complex risk analysis in a selected project (e.g. for Audi, BMW,V W, IKEA) 

    – Preparation for the work of an FMEA moderator – development of competences 

    – APQP – complex assistance in carrying the project through the stages of advanced quality planning 

    – Implementation and development of statistical control of SPC processes (e.g. assembly companies, pressing plants, food factories) 

    – Assessment of control systems with the use of MSA – introduction of the method and development of competences of selected employees 

    – Implementation of AQL- based control procedures – optimization of study plans 

    – Assessment of PAPP documentation sent from suppliers – complex supplier supervision project 

    – Implementation of the Six Sigma methodology throughout the organization (from Champion training, through Green Belt, Black Belt, to supervising the first projects) 

    – Introduction of Lean culture in the company – from logistics to production (complex training and project consulting ) 

    – Implementation of a layered audit system based on the CQI-8 guidelines 

  • Audits

    We implement audit projects for companies who need an experienced auditor to conduct the internal audit. We help, among other audits in such topics as: preparation for certification – IATF, ISO; preparation for the client’s audit – CR, CSR; the need to evaluate an important process – VDA, CQI. 


    Our detailed reports have been the basis for the improvement of systems and processes. The knowledge acquired by people participating in our audits turned out to be crucial in meetings with clients or third party auditors. Audit is also a good form of practical training in standards – standards which are the audit criteria. 

    We also lead workshops for internal auditors – we develop their abilities and knowledge so that  

    each audit will bring many benefits for the company. 

  • Consultations

    We lead the consultations during which we help our clients with solving specific problems. 


    We specialize in in such areas as: management systems, risk management, statistics in management and process optimization. 

    Most of our experienced professionals who come for consultations have over 20 years of experience in the implementation of training and projects in the field of quality management. 

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