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Open training

The open training provides a specific knowledge and is usually specific-subject-oriented. The participant of such training not only receives extensive and well-developed materials (we pay special attention to them) to be used also after the training, but can also share experiences.

The open training is attended by representatives of diverse companies and lines of business, and this assures interesting discussions.

If you wish to participate in a specific training, please use the contact form. The forms are available by each subject.

Closed training

A strong point of closed training is possibility of working on specific examples dedicated not only to the company in which the training is conducted by also a specific group (although they come from the same company, training related to solving problems for production group differs from the training for administration group).

We are in possession of our own special instruments intended to identify needs of the training group and its pre-training competences. Based on such information, we can prepare an agenda of the training which corresponds to actual needs of the employees.

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  • Implementations

    Since every project is different, not only in terms of goals but above all nature of organization and its surrounding, we start every project with a „zero” audit. It provides us with valuable information we use to elaborate a real project schedule, and it is an opportunity for the customer to underline important elements.

    We do our utmost to build very good interpersonal relations with the implementation team. Every project entails crises, every project requires challenging deadlines – if the vibe is good, we can deal with them easier.

  • Audits

    A company audit does not need to cause you to get stressed – it is primarily a system development tool. We specialize in „pre-certification” audits – thanks to our long-lasting experience, we can assess if the system complies with the audit criteria precisely and advise you on how to make improvements in this respect. We managed to stress irregularities which had been omitted even by attentive auditors of another party (customers’ auditors) – for this reason it is always our customer who decides which post-audit remarks should be finally implemented.

    We also conduct workshops for internal auditors, we develop their skills so that their audits bring more benefits.

  • Consultancies

    Consultancy is like a private lesson – we help you solve specific problems. Well-selected consultant’s competences are the key to success. The fields which we specialize in are management systems, risk management, statistics in process management and optimization.

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