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LPA – Layered Process Audit

What is LPA?

LPA is one of specific requirements of General Motors. The Layered Process Audit (LPA) is a system for systematic audits of the production process conducted by employees of various departments (process leaders, managers and directors). These audits are intended to check compliance with operating standards, operators’ competences, operation of „error proofing” devices.


LPA involves the following:

  • specification of audit layers (levels) and their schedule,
  • identification of high risk elements,
  • checklist supporting the assessment of current processes in accordance with applicable standards,
  • specification of corrective actions and remedial measures,
  • regular reviews of audit results by senior managers.

Advantages of LPA.

LPA allows verifying compliance of the process with related documentation and leads to better discipline, improved communication between particular management levels and improved general process quality. The effectiveness of LPA is undoubtedly influenced by high frequency of audits and management’s commitment (all managers). Thanks to LPA, you can easily identify minor non-compliance in the process – such as errors or documentation shortages, gaps in employee training or equipment deficiencies.

LPA is intended to specify opportunities for improvement and plan improvement

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